Climatic conditions in Antarctica

A female expeditioner stands in a square shaped ice hole, and measures an ice core
Katabatic wind blowing snow off the plateau
A female expeditioner stands in front of the Auster emperor penguin colony and a glacier - her face is almost entirely covered
Vicki Heinrich releasing a weather balloon at Mawson - she is covered from head to toe and the sky is  mostly dark
Solar halo and parhelion behind an expeditioner in full gear who is standing on an icy plateau
Law Dome maintenance team in windy and snowy conditions, working outside near shipping container field building - one's long beard is blown by wind
Emperor penguins huddling in a blizzard - taken at their eye level
Aerial shot of a long tide crack with ice melting over it - brilliant colours are created
A few expeditioners pose with the Lanyon Junction fingerpost, a sign with 'fingers' that point to different locations with names and distances written on them