Macquarie Island life

This video of life on Macquarie Island accompanies the Antarctic Adaptations learning sequence.
2012 Antarctic Medal recipient Dr James Doube describes life on Macquarie Island:

Macquarie Island life

Video transcript

Dr James Doube

It's a pretty amazing place to live. It's, both from a community sense, you're with a group of really interesting people who've genuinely done a wide variety of things before and come down here, not because it's just another job but because they're wanting that greater experience or that interaction with the environment. It's almost like living in some sort of nature documentary. There are so many animals packed in such a small space. Most of the animals that we think about living in the Antarctic don't actually want to have their babies on the ice so many of the seals, the albatrosses and many species of penguin that may feed further south want to lay their eggs on the last bit of sort of normal green-covered dirt rather than ice and that's what Macquarie Island represents.

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