Name our Icebreaker competition

Name our Icebreaker competitionName our Icebreaker competition

The Australian Government is delivering a new world-class Antarctic icebreaker and we want Australian students to help name it!

The new icebreaker will be a modern, sophisticated ship that will shape the future of Australia’s Antarctic endeavours for decades to come.

The Name our Icebreaker competition has been designed to engage Australian students in Australia’s Antarctic Program and expand their understanding of Antarctica, its environment, climate, history and Australia’s role there.

When will the competition open?

The competition will open in May and run for five weeks. The exact date will be advised.

Who can enter?

The competition will have a Primary and Secondary category and will be open to Australian students in Years 5 to 8. Entries will be accepted from a class or group of students, not from individuals.

How will the name be selected?

The Division will shortlist entries, with a judging panel of representatives from the broader community to select the name of the ship and the winning entries, and make a recommendation to the Minister for the Environment and Energy.

What is the prize?

All the details of the competition, including the prize, will be announced when the competition opens.

Where can I find more information about the icebreaker?

The icebreaker web page provides information about the design specifications, scientific capabilities, cargo capacity and the procurement process for the icebreaker.

Curriculum resources

Seven Australian curriculum-aligned modules about the new icebreaker have been developed to assist teachers in engaging students in the Name our Icebreaker competition.

From English, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences, to Design and Technologies, there is a wide range of activities designed to stimulate students’ interest in the new icebreaker and Australia’s operations and scientific research in Antarctica.

It is not compulsory to complete any or all of these modules to enter the competition, but they will assist students in developing a richer and more complete understanding of the role of the new icebreaker in Australia’s Antarctic Program.

You can discover more curriculum-aligned teaching resources from the Classroom Antarctica home page.