Introduction and materials

Aerial photo of ice breaker cutting through new rafted ice leaving a clear line of broken ice
Ice breaker cutting through new rafted ice (Photo: John Kelly)
This 'Working' unit concentrates on the complex services needed to support a program operating in one of the most hostile and isolated environments on earth. It delves into survival issues, and the logistics of getting there and getting around.

Students will find answers to questions relating to survival, living and working in an extremely hostile environment. The activities concentrate on how people can live and work in Antarctica.

  • How do people get to Antarctica, and get around while in Antarctica?
  • What are the hazards, and how do expeditioners deal with them?
  • How do people survive in such a dangerous and hostile environment?
  • What types of shelter are suitable for Antarctic conditions, and what features do they have?
  • How do Antarctic expeditioners communicate with friends, family and colleagues in Australia?
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