The future

Person dressed in a Star Wars storm trooper costume standing on the ice
Is this what the future looks like? (Photo: Luigi De Frenza)
Rocks are partly-exposed, partly-frozen in clear ice.

Antarctica is a unique place with conditions that exist nowhere else on the planet. How can we make the most of it without affecting its use to future generations?

Ask students to take three cards and write (or sketch):

  • how they would like to see Antarctica in the future
  • what they think is possible in the future
  • what they think is probable.

Students can compare their ideas with other members of the class. Who will benefit, and who will lose in each of these possible futures?

Compare these with the responses in the expeditioner profiles.

Issue - Deep freezer storage

The Antarctic icecap is a vast freezer with stable subsurface temperatures. Would it be OK to use it to store food surpluses until market prices improve? Some people believe that a technique will be discovered to clone human beings from deep frozen body tissue, or that eventually people could be brought back to life. Could the Antarctic ice sheet be used as a cheap deep freezer for human bodies just in case the technology is developed? (It is not as preposterous as it sounds: the Australian Antarctic Division was once approached to store sheep carcasses in Antarctica until market conditions improved!)

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