Your Antarctic expedition

Map showing the tracks of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 1911-1914
The tracks of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914
Have the students plan 'the youngest expedition to the South Pole'. They will research, prepare for and carry out a simulated trek to the South Pole on foot. Their aim will be to become the youngest group to ever make a successful expedition to the South Pole. Along the way they will strike many difficulties in this remote and dangerous place, and learn about the Antarctic climate, terrain, wildlife and the importance of being suitably equipped.
  • On a map show your route [PDF]. Calculate how far you will travel and how long the expedition will take.
  • Outline your objectives and the members of your team.
  • How do you decide who will be the leader?
  • What food will you take?
  • Briefly describe the terrain and climate. Make a list of the features or conditions which could help or hinder your expedition. How are you prepared for these (e.g. something to cross crevasses with)?
  • Describe how you will travel and how you will shelter.
  • Write and act out a play in which an emergency occurs. In this situation, how did cooperation within the group save you?
  • Give a press conference at the end of your successful expedition. Other students can ask the questions, e.g. what was the best and worst thing about the expedition, what was the key to your success, what were some of the mistakes you made?
  • Learn to create your own website and design a home page for your expedition.

Students could use the sample expeditioner ration list [PDF].

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