Introduction and materials

Summer tradespeople standing in front of the boat shed
The boat shed and the summer tradespeople (Photo: Jason P)

This 'Living' unit introduces the people who live and work in Antarctica, and explores the personal and professional qualities they need to have, the effects of isolation and the constraints of their temporary home. It also shows how people chronicle their individual experiences and provides a springboard for discussing career options.

Students will discover what it is like to live and work in Antarctica. The activities explore the nature of community, and the qualities people need to live in harmony.

Because of the wide range of jobs and diversity of people in an Antarctic community, it can be used as a microcosm of society. It provides a way of exploring human dynamics and gender equity issues, and learning conflict resolution skills.

Students can research the following questions using the materials listed below.

  • What jobs do people do in Antarctica?
  • What skills do they need for these jobs?
  • What special personal qualities do people need in order to live and work harmoniously with others in an isolated community?
  • What sorts of difficulties are experienced by people living in Antarctica?
  • Do women or children live in Antarctica?
  • What do expeditioners eat in Antarctica?
  • What is involved in planning an expedition?


Useful information - books, videos, websites and places to visit - is listed in the references and resources section.

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