Diary writing

Mawson sitting at a desk writing, on the ship Discovery
Mawson writing in his diary, on the ship Discovery (Photo: Frank Hurley)
Since the earliest days, many expeditioners have kept a diary of their activities while living in Antarctica. There are now many diary accounts of the experiences of Antarctic expeditioners from many different nations to be found on the web.

See Ingrid's diary, 'Ingrid on Ice', which describes her year at Mawson in 1998 as the wintering medical officer. You can also read diaries from people involved in marine science and other voyages. Australia's station pages all feature monthly newsletters of station happenings. A number of diaries have also been written by Australian expeditioners from the University of New South Wales and NASA scientists.

  • Have the students write several entries for their own Antarctic diaries, for the dates 6 December, 21 June, 5 September, 24 December describing daily life at an Antarctic station (for current diaries see the websites above).
  • Next have the students assume the role of station leader and write brief notes about each of the dates above. In these notes, they should describe the events which they are planning. The purpose of these events is to maintain the morale of their expeditioners.
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