Career paths

Expeditioner measuring the fuel in a tank with a stick.
Nick dipping the tank (Photo: Matt M)
Station medical team perform mock surgery as part of refresher training
The career path activities identify the education and training requirements to develop possible career paths, and raise the issues of what can influence job selection and the ability of individuals to shape their careers.
  • Using a flow chart, map an indicative sequential career path for the students. You might like to use your own career as an example. A visual representation, using different colours and including factors which influenced the path of your career along the way (such as qualifications, experience, interests, talent and chance), will help the students understand the influences on individuals' jobs, career choices and decisions. It will also make it clear that external events, such as moving to a different geographical area or an unexpected opportunity, can have an important influence.
  • Ask the students to interview two adults about their careers and map their career paths. Encourage creative depictions of career paths.
  • Using the expeditioner profiles, students can map the career path of one of the expeditioners, from leaving school until their time in Antarctica, together with the influencing factors. They could then map a career path for themselves, that would see them working in Antarctica in their favourite job.
  • Have the students map their own desired career path starting from present, and including when they finish school, when they're twenty and forty. What are the external influences that might change this? What are the sorts of things that influence what people become?

The Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations has comprehensive information on how to choose a job, how to plan a career, what jobs actually involve, where the necessary training is available and where to get further advice and information. It is written primarily for Year 10-12 students and adults and includes a range of course information, from short courses to degrees that lead directly to the job.

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