Other nations' Antarctic programmes

Japanese expeditioners at Syowa Station
Japanese expeditioners at Syowa Station

Students can investigate the countries involved in Antarctic programmes, including learning about the stations and types of research being conducted.

Research the Antarctic programs of other nations. Italy, Norway, France, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Russia and Japan all have their own websites.

These are written in English or have English versions. Sometimes there are difficulties with the translated sites but the images are still interesting to look at.

  • Give the students a copy of the map showing Antarctic wintering stations [PDF].
    • How many research stations do these countries have?
    • Where are they located?
    • Why do you think they're located where they are?
    • What research programmes do they have?
    • What is the history of their involvement in Antarctica?
    • How do their scientists get there? How long do they stay?
  • Ask students to draft a midwinter message to the expeditioners at one of their wintering stations, in the language of the particular nation.
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