Antarctic stamps

Australia considers the AAT to be a distinct Australian territory, and release of AAT stamps helps to emphasise this claim.

Since the first Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) stamp, issued on 27 March 1957, Antarctica has been a popular subject for Australian stamps. Recurring themes have been Antarctic explorers (particularly Mawson), scientific research, ships, aircraft, wildlife and Antarctic landscapes and phenomena, while some have marked important events or commemorated important anniversaries.

  • Students can research the stamps which have been used by Australia (and other countries) for use in Antarctica. The pre-eminent site for this is Antarctic Philately, a site dedicated to the stamps, postal history and heroic Antarctic and sub-Antarctic explorers (look in the top header line).
  • Have students design a stamp to commemorate a particular Antarctic event. For good background information about how stamps are designed and made see Australia Post's site.

A number of years ago Janet Boschen was awarded an Antarctic Arts Fellowship and produced some beautiful sets of Australian Antarctic Territory stamps from her experience.

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