Introduction and materials
'Exploring' imparts some Antarctic history by focusing on Antarctic 'heroes' and helping students to appreciate the importance of Australia's long-standing involvement in the Antarctic. Students will explore the history of people in Antarctica, particularly Australians.
Early exploration
Australia has had a long-standing involvement in the Antarctic. By focusing on Antarctic 'heroes', students will gain a sense of history and an appreciation of the importance of Australia's role there. The activities explore the human thirst for adventure and exploration, and trace the history of humankind's involvement in the Antarctic.
Australian Antarctic Territory
Australia claims 42% of Antarctica, and here students will research how this came to be.
The following activities provide a framework for developing important mapping skills - how to find places and features, how to work out distances and direction, and interpreting information on maps.
Imagine what it could be like to be in Antarctica...
Recruiting - then and now
As Antarctica has become a more familiar place, the qualities sought in expeditioners have become much more specific.
Scott took Herbert Ponting, and both Mawson and Shackleton took Frank Hurley on their expeditions, so photography has become established as the Antarctic art-form. The early black and white images are as striking now as they were then.
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