Introduction and materials

White sheets of sea ice float on the dark sea.
Sea ice (Photo: Anthony Worby)

This 'Continent' unit will enable students to appreciate the uniqueness of Antarctica, while developing skills in critical analysis, working scientifically, literacy, language and arts skills. 

  • What is unique about Antarctica?
  • What physical processes have formed Antarctica and led to its special features?
  • How do the cold, wind, high altitude, and the other extremes that can be experienced in Antarctica compare with the conditions in our local environment?
  • What is special about the colours, light and silence of Antarctica?
  • What words can we use to describe the qualities and features of Antarctica?

The activities will lead to an understanding of the nature of Antarctica, of how different a place it is from Australia or any other continent, and why this is.


Other useful information - books, videos, websites and places to visit - is listed in the references and resources section.

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