Arts and activities

Explore the world of the arts and literature that Antarctica has inspired - colours, words, music, myths…

Students will discover how attempting to describe Antarctica's uniqueness has encouraged the evolution of new words.
Many writers have written about the Antarctic, a symbol of mystery. Students will discover a rich range of reactions from these different authors.
Antarctica was seen by humans for the first time as recently as the early 19th century, and there are still no permanent residents. Very few Antarctic myths or legends exist.
In its own way, Antarctica is as colourful as anywhere on earth. Students will discover a vast range of colours that contradicts the stereotypical Antarctic white.
What medium best expresses Antarctica? Students are encouraged to experiment.
Sound and music
Students can explore both Antarctica's complete silence and natural sounds, and the effects the experience has had on various artists and expeditioners.
Board games and puzzles
Children's activities by Coral Tulloch. Coral travelled to Antarctica with the Antarctic Arts Fellowship programme.
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