Frequently asked questions

What is Classroom Antarctica?

Please see About Classroom Antarctica for more information.

What can I get for my school?

We are able to provide teacher resource kits and expeditioner clothing kits to Australian schools. The teacher resource kits consist of printed materials such as a map of Antarctica, brochures, booklets, stickers and more. The expeditioner clothing kits include actual protective clothing worn by Antarctic expeditioners and provide a great insight into their working lives down south.

You can also arrange to borrow an 'Ice Box' Antarctic education resource [PDF] from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery or access their online resources relating to the permanent 'Islands to Ice' exhibition in Hobart.

How do I request a teacher resource kit?

Email us using our online contact form and provide your name, school name, an address for the school and the class year. You will receive a reply letting you know when the kit will be sent.

How do I borrow a clothing kit?

To borrow a clothing kit, contact us with the dates you prefer so that we can check availability and guide you through the lending process.

We ask schools to organise their own courier so that you can find the best quote to fit your budget and arrange the delivery date to suit you. We offer the kits for three weeks with a few days either side to allow for movement between Tasmania and you, making the lending period four weeks in total.

We will then send you a contract by email that you need to print, sign and return to us (either by mail or rescanned and by email) with your signature. When the date of pick-up is confirmed, send the consignment number and we will have the kit ready for collection by your courier from our warehouse.

Some information that may assist in obtaining a quote includes:

Pick-up address: 203 Channel Highway, Kingston, 7050

Weight: 10-15 kilos approx

Dimension: 700 mm length, 400 mm width, 400 mm height approx (in a roller bag)

Number of parcels: 1

Please note, we are unable to send the kit to you via Australia Post as all outgoing and incoming mail must go through our warehouse for security reasons.

Can my class do a video or Skype call to Antarctica?

As you can imagine, we receive quite a large volume of requests for people to video chat with expeditioners in Antarctica. At this time, we do not facilitate video links between students and expeditioners but we have trialled a series of videoconferences for multiple schools to link to at once and we may have this option available in future.

Can we email expeditioners at one of the Antarctic or subantarctic stations?

At each station, we sometimes have a volunteer education liaison who is happy to email a classroom from down south. However, this is entirely dependent upon availability and is at their discretion. Contact us using the online form and we will check if your classroom can be linked with an expeditioner. We request that no messages be sent by individual students, rather classrooms as a whole via their teacher.

Can my class send something physical to Antarctica (Flat Stanley, drawings, etc)?

We receive many requests for this type of communication from schools all over Australia and the world. We wish we had time to help everyone who writes to us, but unfortunately our expeditioners and other staff are very busy with Australian Antarctic programs. Australian schools can contact us if you would like to send an email to Antarctica instead.

I’m a student and I’m doing a project on Antarctica. Can I email you for help?

We ask that students do their own research at the Australian Antarctic Division website by browsing or using the search box at the top right corner of the home page.

Where can I find current news on Australia in Antarctica?

There are regular updates at the Australian Antarctic Division’s news page.

Each station has their own weekly news which is published each Friday, except on public holidays and in special circumstances.

There are also station webcams and videos available.

How do I contact Classroom Antarctica?

Please use our online contact form.

This page was last modified on March 18, 2014.